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MenuMaker > MenuMaker Options & Properties > Set the Display Options for my Menu using the Project Properties > Customize Camtasia Player Command Line Options

Customize Camtasia Player Command Line Options

Once you click Options in the General tab, the Options for Camtasia Player dialog box appears.

Use to customize the command line options when launching Player.

Camtasia Player Options Description Table

Player Option
Start playing automatically
Starts Player as soon as menu item is double-clicked on.
Exit after playing movie
Player closes automatically as soon as video is done playing.
Repeat movie until closed
Automatically repeats movie until Player is manually closed by user.
Stay on last frame
Player stops on and shows last frame when video finishes.
Always on top
Player will reside as the topmost application on the desktop.
Play in maximized mode
Player operates as in maximized mode.
Play in full-screen mode
Player operates as a full-screen.
No title bar
No title bar appears.
No menu bar
No menu bar appears.
No toolbar
No tool bar appears.
No status bar
No status bar appears.
No dragging by movie area
You cannot drag the video around the screen.
Background Color
Sets the background color. This is the color that is seen around the video if the video size does not take up the full-screen when the full-screen option is enabled.
Click Background Color. The Color dialog box appears. Select the color and click OK.
Load Default
Loads the default values. The default options are selected using the Save as Default button.
Save as Default
Select the command lines and save them as the default value. When accessing this dialog box at a later time, click on the Load Default button. This will automatically select those options.
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