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Theater > Create a Theater Flash Menu

Create a Theater Flash Menu

Camtasia Theater creates an attractive and interactive menu from which to launch Camtasia Studio-made Flash files.

Camtasia Theater adds DVD-like navigation to Flash movies. Using Theater's menu, viewers can quickly navigate between multiple movies or view them all in a pre-defined sequence. Theater presentations can be viewed online and on CD-ROM.

Theater operates on a project basis. This means that you add files, edit the look and feel of the menu and save the work as a project file. Later, you can come back to that project file and change the look of the menu, add or delete files, etc.

Creating a Flash menu with Camtasia Theater is quite simple, involving only seven basic processes from beginning to end. This includes such steps as adding a title, choosing custom colors, adding the files, saving the project, creating the menu, and testing. This section gives you are brief run-through of each step.

Before you begin, Read this Important Note about Camtasia Studio Produced SWF Files.
Begin a New Menu
  1. Open Camtasia Theater. Within Camtasia Studio, choose Tools > Camtasia Theater.
  2. Theater opens with the Menu tab displayed. Within the Menu title field, enter a title for this menu.
  3. Make any other desired customizations to the title or item fonts, text alignment, or movie sequencing.
  4. Within the Colors properties box, customize the colors for the menu's background, title, item text, or item rollover text. To change the color, click the button. A standard Color dialog box appears.
  5. Choose the color and click OK. The color is updated to the Color properties box.
  6. Continue with Add Movies.

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