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Theater > Menu Tab Overview

Menu Tab Overview

The Menu tab view is used to add a title to the menu, customize the look of the menu's text and background color, add the SWF movies to the menu, and order the movies within the list.

For more information on the options found in this view, see Menu Tab Options.

Menu Bar. Access all dropdown menus from the menu bar.
Colors. Customize the color of the menu background as well as the text for the title and movie items.
Export Flash Menu. Create the menu.
Launch Menu after export. View the menu when the Export Flash Menu process has completed.
Menu List. Choose the SWF files to add to the menu. Also customize the order and names of the items by using the tools in the sidebar.
General Properties. Customize the look of the text for title and movie items.
Controls Tab Options. Set options for the look of the playback controls.
Menu Tab Options. Set the properties for the appearance of the menu.

For more information, see
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