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Theater > Controls Tab View > Controls Tab Options

Controls Tab Options

When you first open Camtasia Theater the Menu view is open. To go to the Controls view, click the Controls tab. The Controls are used to customize the look of the playback controls that shows within the menu itself and within the individual SWF movies.

Within the Controls tab, you can set the options for pausing and playing, the controller color, adding an about box, adding duration information, and more.

This table describes each of the General Properties options. These options are used to select the controller's color, customize the about box, and more.

Option Name
Description and Use
Pause at start
Movie pauses when menu first opens. Viewer will click the Start button to begin playing the movie.
Movie Controller color
Shows the color selection chart. Use the mouse to select the color that you want to tint the Movie Controller.  
Launch Menu after export
Immediately view the menu when the Export Flash Menu process has completed. If left disabled, you will have to search for the directory that the menu was saved in and launch the menu from there by double-clicking the HTML file.
Export Flash Menu
Begins the menu export process. See Save Project & Export Flash Menu.
Show About box
Makes an "About" box available to the users.
The About box is accessed by the user when the Camtasia Studio button is selected on the Movie Controller. This type of box usually contains important information such as copyright, authorship, dates, etc.
When the About box option is enabled, enter the information, up to eight lines of text in the About text field.
Display Format
Select a display text format for the duration and/or elapsed time. You may choose different Hour: Minute: Second combinations.
Show Elapsed Time
Show the current time of the SWF movie in the selected display format.
Show Duration
Show the total duration of the SWF movie in the selected display format.
Select the font of the duration and/or elapsed time display. To assure that the target machine has these fonts, there are two standard options for you to choose from, either Arial or Times New Roman.
Font Color
Select the color of the duration text. Click the Font Color button to show the color selection chart.
Use the mouse to select the color.  
If the color you want is not one of the swatches in the color selection box, enter the hexadecimal number for it in the number field.
Show loading movie
Show a SWF movie while the SWF file downloads.  
Loading movie URL
Enter the URL or path to the movie that will play while the SWF file loads.  
The URL may be absolute ( or relative (./mymovie.swf).
To help get you up and going quickly making menus with Camtasia Theater, we have provided a URL that links to a Camtasia Studio-made preload SWF file. This loading movie is entered in this field by default. The loading movie can be found in Theater's Resources folder.
Match movie size
Preloading movie size will match the size of the menu's SWF files and ensures that both movies are the same size in terms of width and height.
If not enabled, the preloading movie appears at its own width and height dimensions. In this case, if some of the SWF files are larger in size than the loading movie, the background color will show.
% of main movie to preload
Enter the percentage of the main movie to preload before it begins playing. The preload movie will remain on the screen until this percentage is reached.
Minimum Preload movie display time (in seconds)
Minimum amount of time in seconds that the preload movie remains on the screen.
This works in combination with the % of Main Movie to Preload setting. This means that both conditions must be met before the movie begins playing.
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