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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

Configuring Server

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Independently of whether the server is installed as a service or as an application, runtime parameters can still be configured using the configuration tool, which is installed with the server. The Rave Server Configurator consists of three tabs:


1. General

2. License Keys

3. Packages


In the General tab, the port on which Rave Server is running can be changed. By default the server runs on port 4330. Generally there is no need to change this value unless there is some special reason (such as firewall restrictions) that requires use of a more standard port. If the server is run on port 80 (which is the default HTTP port), please note that any web servers currently running will have to be shutdown in order to avoid conflicts.


In the License Keys tab, additional license keys may be added or excess license keys may be removed. Please make sure that when entering a license key that it is typed exactly as it has been provided. A mistyped key will result in the Configurator not validating the key and thus, no error will be returned if incorrect values are entered.


In the Packages tab, packages can be added or removed from the server package list. Any entries that are added here will be launched when the server is started.


Changes made in any of the tabs will not take effect until the server is restarted.

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