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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

Getting & Setting Parameters .

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How would I set / get parameters while using the Rave Language?



You must first define your parameter(s) in Rave to be able to set or get parameter(s) while in the Rave Event Editor. Using the parameter "MyParam" as an example, the following code would then set and then use the value from the specified parameter. Remember that parameters must always be a "string" value. This code was tested from the OnGetText event of a text component.


// To SET a parameter in Delphi (before running a report)

RaveProject.SetParam('MyParam', 'My Param Value');


// To GET your parameter within an event

Value := RaveProject.GetParam('MyParam');


// To SET your parameter within an event

RaveProject.SetParam('MyParam', 'NewValueAsString');


// Sample event that "increments" a parameter named "LineCount"

{ Event for DataTextCount1.OnGetText }

function DataTextCount1_OnGetText(Self: TRaveDataText; var Value: string);


  iCount: Integer;

  sCount: String;


  iCount := StrToInt(RaveProject.GetParam('LineCount'));

  sCount := IntToStr(iCount + 1);

  Value := sCount;

  RaveProject.SetParam('LineCount', sCount);

end OnGetText;


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