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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

Overlapping Words

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During preview, I have a problem where the spaces are not correct between words. The words often overlap each other.



Rave Reports main focus is to output reports as accurately as possible to paper. A preview problem occurs in that most printers have very high resolutions when compared to your display screen. Printers are 600 dpi or better while screens are 96 dpi. Please note that 96 does NOT divide into 600 nicely. That means that the preview scaling factors are often factional values and can cause problems when trying to simulate the printed output on your screen. This can result in the overlapping text problems that you have noticed during the report preview process. To minimize this preview problem on your display, try one or both of the following:


1) Make sure you only use True-Type fonts as they scale better. "MS San Serif" is NOT a True-Type font.


2) Another method to improve the preview is to drop down a TRvSystem component and set it as the engine property of your TRvProject component. Then set the RvSystem property SystemFiler.AccuracyMethod to amAppearance and see if that works better for your display.


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