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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

Page Numbers

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How can I put Page Number and Date Information on my Reports?



Drop a DataText component directly on the Page where you want one of your desired informational items. Start the DataField-Editor by clicking on the ellipse (3 dots) on the right side of the DataField Property. There you can define several things other than the normal "Database" type components. What we want to focus on is the "Report Variables" section. The drop box in that section is where you can select from many of the commonly needed report variables like "CurrentPage", "TotalPage" and a variety of date strings. Down at the bottom of the "Data Text Editor" dialog is a "Data Text" section. Once you have selected a "Report Variable", you have to transfer your selection to the "Data Text" area. This is done with the "Insert Report Var" button. As you transfer your selections, you will note that they appear in the "Data Text" area. If you know the exact format, you can actually type or modify the information directly in the Data Text box. You should end up with something like the following:


For a "Page 1 of 99 Pages" format use:

    "Page" & Report.CurrentPage & "of" & Report.TotalPages & "Pages"


For a "Report printed on: mm/dd/yy" use:

    "Report printed on:" & Report.DateShort"


"+" and "&" signs are for concatenation. The "+" sign is for no spaces and the "&" sign will give you a space between.

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