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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

Link Web Reports with URL's

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A report can be linked to any web site by just including a link that will call the report server with the appropriate parameters.


A report URL consists of 4 parameters:


1. Report action

2. Project name

3. Report Name

4. Output format (Optional)


Report action


The action can either be GenerateReport or ExecuteReport. The first action generates a report and displays it to the user. The second does much the same, except for the fact that it previously checks to see if the report has been generated. If so, it then displays a cached copy. The latter is much more efficient and only effects HTML formatted reports.


Project name


Indicates the project file the report is contained in. Rave can have more than one report per project (rav) file.


Report name


Specifies which report of the ones contained in the project file should be displayed.


Output format (Optional)


Choose the display format desired for the report. The options are HTML, PDF and NDR. By default it uses HTML.


There are two permitted syntaxes for specifying reports:

http:// {ip_address} : {port_number} / {[ER|GR]} / {project } /

{report} [/HTML] [/PDF] [/NDR]




Both syntaxes have the same capabilities and work in the same way. The only difference is that when using a form (which we will cover below), the URL is generated using the second syntax.

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