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tologo Client Currency

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When you add new Client to your database, you define the Currency of this Client.



Remember that all the prices, quotes, invoices and payments related to the Client will be recorded in the currency you defined. That is why it is important to define the Client Currency before entering any financial records.

_bm3 Note: If you encounter a rare case when your transactions with particular Client involve more than one currency, you can create two separate Client records (for instance, if Client is Alpha, you can create Alpha-USD record with Client Currency: USD and Alpha-EUR record with Client Currency: EUR). This way this Client/Expert will have two separate accounts in your database, one for each Currency.

On Main page of Client window, you may change the currency of the Client by clicking Client Currency button:


It makes sense to modify the Client Currency only before first financial record for this Client has been recorded (Price, Quote, Job, Invoice or Payment). However, in rare case when you have been entering the data meaning another currency, you can still change the urrency to the right one, after answering Yes to program warning.




See Also: Client window > Main page > Client Profile


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