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tologo Edit Payment window

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In the Edit Payment window you can make changes in the earlier created Payment record.

The Edit Payment window opens on Edit button click from the Payments page of the Client window, where the Payments from the particular Client are displayed, or from the Payments from Clients window, where all Payments from all Clients are displayed. It also appears if you double-click the Payment record.

The general view of the Edit Payment window:

edit payment


The Client Currency is displayed under the Notes field (see the screenshot above). If the Client Currency differs from your Base Currency, the exchange rate button is displayed also:

payment exchange


Clicking the exchange rate button you can change the exchange rate in the Edit Exchange Rate dialog box:

edit rate payment

Please, note that the rate is changed for the current Payment only!




note Note: if the Payment is linked with the Invoice, the Value and Date Received fields cannot be edited. For example:





Working with Payment details in the Edit Payment window is absolutely similar to the procedure of adding the details in the New Payment window. More details...


The only important additional option available from the Edit Payment window is importing the Invoice to the .RTF file using custom templates. For this select the template from the RTF Templates drop-down list at the bottom of the Edit Payment window and click one of the buttons according to your needs (you can save the invoice, save and open it at once or just print):

payment template




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