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tologo New Client Job window

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In the New Client Job window you can enter the details of the job (name, group of service, volume, price etc.), when creating a new Client Job record. You can call built-in AnyCount and CATCount tools from this window.

The New Client Job window opens on New button click from the Client Jobs page of the Project window.

new job button


The general view of the New Client Job window:

new client job





Entering Job Details to the New Client Job window


In New Client Job window you can:

·Select the Client contact person (project manager) for the Job: click Client PM button and select the contact from the Select Client PM window.
By default it is set "None"


·Enter Client Ref. number, Client PO number


·Enter the name of the Client Job:
By default it corresponds to the name of the Project


·Using drop-down list, select Group of services (e.g. translation):


·Using drop-down list, select Service (e.g. English=>Finnish):


·Using Price text field and the correspondent drop-down list you can set the price of the Job. It can be either "per unit" price, flat fee or the Job can be done for free.

Clicking prices button you can copy the price from the Prices for the current Client (i.e. from the Prices page of the Client window for the current Client). And vice versa, you can copy the price you have entered to the Price list of the current Client clicking arrow button.

price buttons

·Select Job volume units (e.g. words) and enter the volume (e.g. 23000) into Volume field.
Use AnyCount button to count units in the necessary file by built-in AnyCount 5.0 or click CATCount to use CAT scheme. The result is automatically entered into the Volume field.


_bm3 Note: If you use CATCount, new tab, CATCount Notes, appears on the New Client Job window containing table with CATCount scheme. If you use AnyCount button the AnyCount Notes* tab appear containing detailed count results.

See Also: AnyCount
See Also: CatCount


·Enter the Price value and type (e.g. 0.15 per unit, 3450 flat fee or free):


       (the job price will be calculated by multiplying unit price per number of units)


       (the job price will is entered directly)


       (the job is free of charge)


The total price of the job (e.g. 3450.00) will appear in the Total field below:



·Create the Project folder or open the Project folder if it was already created using Create/Explore buttons:
project folder_from job

You can copy the files received from the client to the Incoming subfolder of the Project folder.

·The Client Currency is displayed in the right part of the New Client Job window. If the Client Currency is different from your Base Currency its exchange rate is displayed as well. It can be changed by clicking the correspondent button and entering the new value to the Edit Exchange Rate dialog box.

exchange for job


note Note: the exchange rate will be changed for the current financial record only.


·Set the Assigned, Deadline and Completed dates for the job using the corresponding drop-down  fields.

example Example: Setting the deadline date:

job deadline

·To select deadline month, click the right and left arrows near the month name.
·To select deadline date, click the day number.
·To select deadline time, click the up and down arrows near the time field. You can also enter the time manually.
·To set the deadline equal to assigned date click Assigned button.
note Note: Similarly use Deadline and Now buttons above the Completed field to set the date of completion equal to deadline date or the current time&date correspondingly.




Instructions and Work Notes tabs

On the Instructions page you can add the client instructions for the Job. Asterisk (*) on Instructions tab indicates that some instructions were added. 



On Work Notes page you can insert your notes for the Client Job.



To finish creating the Job, click OK in down-left corner of the New Client Job window.

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