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The following are some useful technical terms you may need to refer when you set video parameters.

Video Codec: Generally, the default setting for each format has been set by the program. In our experience, the set codec works very well in terms of both quality and speed.

Video Size: This specifies the output video resolution. It is not advisable that you set this to a high resolution, as the resulting video file will be huge, and it can take too long for your audience to stream it.

Video Bitrate: The bitrate of the video specifies the amount of information stored in the video. The higher the bitrate is, the clearer the video is . This setting will usually depend on your chosen resolution, and it's best to leave it as Auto. Should you decide to make your video clearer, you can try to increase this parameter.

Video Framerate: The framerate determines how fast the video frames refreshes. For video with lots of fast moving action, you will need a higher framerate to combat jerkiness. The default value will usually suffice for most cases.

Audio Bitrate: The audio bitrate determines the amount of information stored in the audio. A higher bitrate will result in clearer audio, but comes at the expense of file size.

Audio Samplerate: The audio sample rate determines the "resolution" of the audio. The higher the sampling rate is, the clearer the audio is. However, this comes at an expense of a bigger file size.

Audio Channels: You can choose to use mono or stereo. This is set to stereo by default.

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