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The toolbar is implemented to illustrate the functionality of TWhatsThis. The toolbar buttons are all TSpeedButtons, placed on a TPanel.

SpeedButtons are TGraphicControl descendants and do not have a HelpContext property. So, there is no context sensitive help available for SpeedButtons. Except you take advantage of the extended features of TWhatsThis.

TWhatsThis can use the Tag property of GraphicControls (SpeedButtons, Shapes, Images, Labels, etc.) as the help context. Because you may use the Tag property for other purposes, this is disabled by default.

To enable the use of the Tag property as the help context number

1Select the Testing TWhatsThis tab.  
2Check the option wtUseTag.  

What's more, the toolbar has a combo box, that lets you choose the help format. This option applies to the THelpRouter component.

·The default is wtWinhelp which means that help is displayed in Winhelp (.HLP) format.  

·If you switch to wtHTMLhelp, you get HTML HELP format (.CHM). HTML HELP, however, has to be installed on your computer (EC Software Help Suite just enables HTML HELP, it does not install it). If you switch to HTML HELP, you will notice that the popup topics are very scanty: just plain text. In fact, HTML HELP does not support formatted text in popup topics. That's one of the biggest disadvanteges of HTML HELP.  

·To get over this limitation, THelpRouter supports a third mode: wtMixedMode. This mode combines HTML HELP with Winhelp. While procedure help topics (like this one) are displayed in HTML HELP format, popup topics are displayed in Winhelp format, allowing formatted text for popups. Two help files (one CHM and one HLP) are required to run this mode.  

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