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Testing THelpContextMap
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This tab provides a testing panel for the THelpContextMap component. No control in this group has neither a HelpContext number nor a Tag. Context sensitive help for these controls is found by the map list of THelpContextMap. TWhatsThis automatically uses it when you assign one.

How does it work?

It is presumed that the topic IDs in your help file have a certain syntax. The syntax is "Formname.Controlname". Moveover you have to define help context numbers for the topics (in your help file only). To connect help topics to the controls in your application, you normally assign the same help context numbers to the HelpContext property of the controls to bind them together. In this case, you don't.

You put a THelpContextMap on your main form (together with a TWhatsThis component). Then assign the name of the help project file to THelpContextMap.Filename. The component parses the project file and reads the [MAP] section which contains the associations of topic IDs and help context numbers.

When the user requests help for a particular control, TWhatsThis first checks if the control has a help context number. If not, it further looks at the map list of THelpContextMap whether the control is contained there and if it is, dynamically uses the help context number found.
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