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PSCPerformLikeCompare function

Performs compare of two string values in LIKE clause.

function PSCPerformLikeCompare(Const Value, Mask: String): Boolean;


Call PSCPerformLikeCompare function when you want to check matching of string value to specified mask.
Format of the mask is compatible with SQL-92 standard and support following wildcard characters:
% - Any string of zero or more characters;
_ (underscore) - Any single character;
[] - any single character within the specified range ([a-f]) or set ([abcdgu]);
[^] - any single character not within the specified range ([^a-f]) or set ([^abcdgu]).
^ (escape_character) - Is any valid  Server expression of any of the data types of the character string data type category. escape_character has no default and must consist of only one character. You can specify custom symbol for escape_character in cPSCDefEscapeChar global variable.
Value parameter must contain a string constant that must be checked. Mask parameter is an SQL mask that must be laid on the value. In the case of matching string value to the mask, function returns True, in other case False.

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