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TPSCCustomListBox is the base class for listbox objects that are wrappers for list box controls.


TPSCCustomListBox encapsulates behavior common to all list box controls. List box objects are used to display a scrollable list from which users can select one or more items. Use a list box control to limit the user to selecting from a list of items. Items can be added at design time or at runtime.

TPSCCustomListBox introduces methods for displaying, sorting, selecting, manipulating and querying items in the list.

By default, TPSCCustomListBox is a standard list box that displays items as text strings. These items are contained in the Items property.

Descendants of TPSCCustomListBox inherit the basic functionality of TPSCCustomListBox. Some descendants also have specialized behavior and can be linked to file, directory, drive or database information. Use these list boxes to easily access and list this type of information.

TPSCCustomListBox does not rely on the standard Windows ListBox control and is completely independent from it, which allows to use it easily in the cross-platform applications.

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