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TPSCKeyData is the class inherited from TCollectionItem. It is used to store key definition and input state, when action can be performed. It is used in TPSCKeyList's methods: AddKey, AddSimpleKey, AddAllKey.
ActiveState: ShortInt;
Stores the input state, in which the key press, defined by KeyCode and ShiftState, will call ActionCode method. Zero value (0) corresponds to the normal input state, -1 - to any input state.
LeaveState: ShortInt;
Stores the value that will be set to the input state after the key is pressed and ActionCode is executed.
ShiftState: TShiftState;
ShiftState contains the state of Shift keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) and mouse when the key is pressed. It is used to determine the keyboard state.
Stores the code of the pressed key.
See also: ActiveState, ShiftState
This method is called when the corresponding key defined by AddKey is pressed. If ActionCode is nil then no method will be called.

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