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4 Menu Bar

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ExactSpent Menu Bar provides access to Shortcuts and Help menus.


menu bar




Shortcuts menu of the Menu Bar:


shortcut menu


·Current Jobs, Completed Jobs, Clients and Settings menu commands are duplicates of shortcuts, available in Navigation panel. They switch content of Active Window.
·Exit command ends your work session with ExactSpent.




Help menu of the Menu Bar:


help menu


·Help command provides access to ExactSpent Help System.
·Web command points your Internet-browser to
·Newsletter command points your Internet-browser to
·Contact Us command opens up Compose Message dialog in your default email client with as recipient.
·System and Locale Info displays System Information window with your system and locale information, which could be useful in case of writing to customer support.
·Check for Updates command searches for newer version of ExactSpent.
See Also: Update
·Upgrade command allows you to upgrade your ExactSpent in case you upgraded your license.
See Also: Upgrade
·About command shows nice window with ExactSpent logo, License information and Build number of your ExactSpent copy.

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