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4 General

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ExactSpent User Interface is built around a concept of being as consistent and user-friendly as possible. Screenshot below shows the most basic elements of ExactSpent User Interface:


interface introduction




Menu Bar

Has two menus: Shortcuts menu and Help menu.


Shortcuts menu contains duplicates of shortcuts available in Navigation panel (see below) and Exit command.


Help menu commands provide access to:

· ExactSpent Help System,
· update and upgrade,
· system, user and running copy of ExactSpent information.


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Time Tracking buttons

Start, Pause, Continue (appears instead of Start after Pause clicked), Stop and Switch buttons are designed for tracking your working time.


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Navigation panel, Shortcuts

Navigation panel consists of four Shortcuts (icons with text captions): Current Jobs, Completed Jobs, Clients and Settings. Each time you click on some shortcut, Active Window (see below) changes to show necessary area of ExactSpent.


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Active Window

Shows informational records for the selected area of ExactSpent, usually in form of tables, together with buttons for management of this data (see the screenshot above).




Quotes and Idle Image

Little tip to entertain you. Customize it in Settings.

When you click on the Quote it changes.




During the working session ExactSpent places its icon on the system tray for your convenience.


The icon stays in the tray even when you close ExactSpent window.

So when you want to quit ExactSpent you need to shut it down from the system tray or click Exit command of Shortcuts menu (just closing the window will not shut down the program).


ExactSpent tray icon's view changes depending on the current state of ExactSpent:


·icongreen - when you are working on some Job (i.e. there is an Active Job in ExactSpent);


·yellow icon - when you made a pause in your work on some Job (i.e. there is an Active Job in ExactSpent, but time tracking is paused);


·red icon - when there is no Active Job in ExactSpent.


_bm296 Note: the ExactSpent icon in the ExactSpent window caption changes similarly.


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