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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

How to Deploy

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How can I deploy my Rave-Reports?



There are several ways to store / deliver your reports:


1.Use the external RAV-file. Requires that you define it in the TRaveProject-component.
RvProject1.ProjectFile := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName) + 'Project1.rav';


Be alert that if you select the RAV-file in the Delphi-IDE, then Delphi will store the complete path information including the developer folder. Normally, the User will not have the same folder structure and that will result in an error that your application can not find the RAV file.


2.Store the RAV file directly in your EXE application (only one file to distribute).

Go to your RvProject component and select the "StoreRav" property. Click on the ellipse (3dots) and point to your RAV file. Remember to use the "Load" and "Save" buttons whenever you have made changes to the RAV file.


NOTE: with Rave 5.0.4 or earlier, the form that contains the RvProject must NOT be set to "text" format. To change it, go to the form that contains the RvProject-component. Right-click on the form and be sure that the Delphi DFM format is not set as "Text Format".


3.Store the Rave-file inside a Resource-file, BLOB-Field or in a DLL like the following:



TP_res : TResourceStream;  (or all the other ways)



TP_res := TResourceStream.create(Hinstance,'mein_report','RAVE');

If (res = NIL) Then Begin

   MessageDlg("There is a problem, please call the developer g>..', mtError, [mbok],0);






RvProject1.Execute;      // or ExecuteReport.


TP_res.Free;              // the Garbage Collector <g>



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