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_bm0 Rave Reports Developer Guide

Printer Bypass Setup

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How can I totally bypass the setup dialog and go directly to the printer.



With the RAVE-IDE you can set your desires with Edit-> Options-> Preferences menu option. Then on the "Preferences" dialog - select the "Printing" option on the left side. Set the "Output Options" and the "Print Definition" sections to your output requirements.


For your application's, you must set the RvProject component engine property to a RvSystem component. If you do not already have a RvSystem available, then drop one on the same form as your RvProject. Once you have set the engine property, then go to the RvSystem-component and you have a lot of properties that you can set, as needed. Some of the more popular ones are:


To disable the Output Dialog from showing:

    RvSystem1.SystemSetups := RvSystem1.SystemSetups - [ssAllowSetup];


To change the default destination of the output (File, Preview or Printer):

    RvSystem1.DefaultDest := rdPrinter; (sets default as printer)


To set the Preview Windows for maximized size

    RvSystem1.SystemPreview.FormState := wsMaximized

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