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Configuring the Virtual Machine to Grab Keyboard and Mouse Input

Choose: Edit > Preferences > Input

To direct input to the virtual machine, VMware Workstation grabs input from the keyboard and the mouse so all keystrokes, mouse moves and button clicks go to the virtual machine.

By default:

You can change the following using the preferences editor:

If you encounter problems with grabbing and ungrabbing input, see Issues When Grabbing and Ungrabbing Input.

How Workstation Starts Grabbing Input

To change the way Workstation starts grabbing input:

How Workstation Releases Input Back to the Host and How Your Cursor Behaves

Note: The following settings can take effect only when VMware Tools is running in the guest operating system.

To change the way Workstation releases input back to the host and change the way your cursor behaves:

Enabling Copy and Paste To and From the Virtual Machine

Note: VMware Tools must be running in the guest operating system before you can copy and paste between the host and guest.

Check Enable copy and paste to and from virtual machine to enable copying and pasting text between applications on the host and guest. Use the standard methods of copying and pasting in the host and in the guest applications (for example, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V).

Issues When Grabbing and Ungrabbing Input

When working with grab and ungrab, you may encounter the situations described in the following table.

 Pressing Ctrl-Alt to release the mouse and keyboard causes a laptop to go into suspend mode.
 VMware Workstation uses Ctrl-Alt to release the mouse and keyboard. Some laptops use this same key combination to suspend the host machine.
 In these cases, try using Ctrl and Alt on the right- hand side of the keyboard. Workstation recognizes both sets of Ctrl and Alt keys, while laptops usually recognize only left-hand keys for the suspend function.
 After you press Ctrl-Alt to release the mouse and keyboard, the keyboard does not function properly within the host operating system.
 Sometimes VMware Workstation causes the host operating system to lose keyboard events. This causes the host operating system to think that keys are being pressed when they are not.
 If you notice strange keyboard behavior in the host operating system after leaving VMware Workstation, press and release each of the modifier keys individually, including Ctrl, Shift and Alt. This should release the keys that are stuck in the host operating system.
 If this does not work, then try other special keys including the Windows, Esc and Caps Lock keys.

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