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Setting a Clone Template

Choose: VM > Settings > Options > Advanced

When you create a linked clone of a virtual machine, the clone depends on the parent virtual machine to function. If a linked clone is unable to access the parent virtual machine or the snapshot on which the clone is based, the clone no longer operates. You can avoid this problem by designating the parent virtual machine of a linked clone as a template.

Normally, to clone a virtual machine, you must have write access to that virtual machine. A virtual machine that is designated as a clone template may be cloned by users who do not have write access to the template virtual machine.

To designate this virtual machine as a template, select Enable Template mode.

In order to protect linked clones, a template virtual machine cannot be deleted or added to a Team, nor can any of the template's snapshots be deleted. For more information on linked clones, see Snapshot Details and the Workstation User's Manual.

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