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tologo Menu Bar

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Menu Bar of Translation Office 3000 V8 has four menus: Navigation, Custom Reports, Settings, and Help.

Commands available in Navigation menu duplicate the of icons available in Navigation panel. Other menus provide tools for changing your settings, creating reports, accessing Registration and Help.

Let us take a closer look at each menu.




Navigation menu:


navigation menu

All commands from Navigation menu are identical to  the icons from Navigation panel, providing access to different parts of TO3000.

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Client and Project commands include a small arrow on the right, by clicking on it you can find duplicates for tabs of the correspondent windows.

For example:





Custom Reports menu:


In Custom Reports menu there is a single List command. Click on it to open the Translation Office 3000 V8 Reports-View window.




Settings menu:

business command


Settings menu provides access to your Translation Office 3000 V8 settings.

Click the commands to open the correspondent settings windows: Personal Settings, which refer to the interface customization mostly, Business Settings, concerning business activity, Advanced Settings for customizing advanced options of TO3000, Database for general management of TO3000 database.



Help menu:

help menu


·Check for Updates command opens Checking for Updates window.
· Feedback/Suggestions command opens up Compose Message dialog in your default email client with as recipient.
·Support command opens Compose Message dialog in your default email client with as recipient.
· command points your Internet-browser to
·System and Locale Info displays System Information window with your system and locale information, which could be useful in case of writing to customer support.
·About command shows a nice window with Translation Office 3000 V8 logo, License information and Build number of your copy of Translation Office 3000 V8.





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